Monday, June 15, 2009

DR Power Grader paid for itself in one day

The winter of '06-'07 in Indiana was pretty rough, and the long driveway took a beating. The boss (aka wife) was ready to call in about 5 truckloads of stone to "fix the problem", but I said she had to wait until I could have a go with the DRPG. To her amazement, and somewhat to mine, it FOUND gravel in my driveway. When I was finished, and for the past 2 months, you would have thought we ordered the new gravel. I figure if I have to run this thing for an hour or 2 every 3-4 months to save ~$1000, it's worth every penny I paid for it. It does take 3-4 good passes, and I gave it about 6 to make sure it did what I wanted, but I am VERY impressed with this piece. It's worth all the space it takes up in my cramped garage.


  1. will this grader work on a fairly steep gravel driveway? I am also in IN and want to pull it behind a polaris ranger to fix my drive.


  2. Yes, this will work on a steep driveway. It will be easiest to pull going downhill. Usually when going uphill with a smaller pulling machine (Garden tractor / ATV) it gets a little tough pulling uphill, so I raise the teeth a little, but going downhill I can lower them and dig in well. I now have a 4 ton 25 hp diesel tractor that pulls rather well both up and down with no problem. Still highly recommended either way. I will be bringing in my first loads of gravel this spring after 4 years on a new 1/4 mile drive. Very impressive.