Thursday, June 25, 2009

Panterra 90cc 4 wheeler

Ok, so this isn't really a tool, but I use it as one. It's much easier to get around the property on than a tractor, uses less fuel, more comfortable ride, and goes a lot faster. (not to mention the fun factor). Don't tell the boss it's not NEEDED!
I picked this up from a friend for $150. It had been "ridden hard and put away wet" quite a few times. It had a dead battery, bent steering arms in the front, bent foot plates and front bumper, but it runs.
To fix it, I had a spare battery sitting around (see my PowerWheels Modifications info). Fit perfectly in the battery holder with some minor modifications to the battery connectors. I took off the tie rods and bent them back to the correct STRAIGHT shape. They are about 1/4" thick and bent pretty easily in my vise with some extra help. The front bumper is still bent, and the foot plates still need some work.
It drives pretty well. It's a 3 speed manual shift (foot lever, 3sp forward, 1 rev). Has switches for lights but none installed. I'm guessing they were broken off when the front end was damaged. I am still working on getting the front end right as at high speed it seems a bit twitchy, but I rarely have it running fast.
The current MAIN use is for running my 3 (now 4) children around the property on fun rides. I also use it to get the mail as it's over 1/4mi one way to tyhe mailbox.
I would NOT classify this as a true offroad atv. It doesn't hav emuch in the way of power, and is a bit clunky between gears. That could all stem from the use/abuse it took before I got it. For the price I paid, it is well worth it.
I plan to work on it to make it a little more functional as time goes on. I will post more pics and details as I update it. It needs a new paint job, gas cap modification to keep it from leaking when taking tight turns, and a new airbox setup. Check back for updates!

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