Monday, June 29, 2009

Panterra 90cc ATV manuals

Ok, it took me some time, but searching through the web I was able to find multiple manuals for my Panterra quad. I found the user manuals and the parts catalogs.

Panterra 90cc ATV User Manual

90cc ATV Parts Catalog

I hope these can help out someone who has spent way too much time looking for this information like I had to.

Also, if you need information on places to order parts, leave a comment and I'll get back to you!


  1. Could you please email me @ with the info for ordering parts for the panterra 90cc ATV i have looked for hours and have not found anything. thank you so much.

  2. Will do. I don't have a lot of info, but found some parts on ebay a while back. looked like a pretty good range of parts available. I wish there were better support for these! I'm currently in the middle of re-wiring all of the harnesses. I have a ghost drain on the battery and it has killed 2 already.

  3. Hello, do you have any electrical schematics or drawings of the wiring? I am trying to re wire one now that was heavily altered & I have a lot of loose ends! If you can help please email me at Thank you!

  4. can you email me the info on a 90 cc pan terra atv manual
    thank you

  5. Are you still involved with the Panterra 90?
    Your links for the manual are dead ends. I have acquired a Panterra and would really like to find a manual and a parts source for it.

  6. Well, I sold my Panterra about a month ago. Sorry I no longer have much information. I did my searching on e-bay and found some compatible parts to some small hondas. I would have kept this, but it's lack of reliability was killing me, and I have children that are wanting to start riding more, so I'll be looking for small 4-wheelers they can ride here in the near future. The links seem to be broken from my original post, and I'm not able to find anyone else that has them available.