Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hitachi 12v Lithium Ion drill set - Excellent so far!

For my birthday, I had wanted some new tools. When shopping a few days ago with my lovely bride, she bought me a tool I'd been needing for a while since my others died a horrible death. We picked up a Hitachi 12v Lithium Ion Drill and Impact driver set. This is a great deal at the current price of $139.99. It comes with 2 batteries (which sell for ~$50 each), a quick charger (40 minute), an Impact driver, a cordless screw / drill driver, and as an added bonus a flashlight (which I doubt will ever get used).

I have used this on 2 projects already and love Lithium Ion. Yes, I know, these have been out for a long time, but I hadn't had a need to replace what was working for me before, as funds have been tight (for everyone!) this year, but with our upcoming projects, this will be a very useful tool.
The size and weight were amazing. I was used to the standard Ni-cad batteries that were heavy and bulky. The LI batteries are about 1/3 the size, and seem to produce more torque than the Ni-cad. I look forward to getting to use this in the near future as we work on some new DIY projects, like some doored garage storage bins, shelving, finishing out a closet, and a home theater stand for the living room. I'll post up some pics once I get some of them done with more reviews.

Also, for some very cool, and very FREE designs for furniture, check out ana-white.com. My wife and I have found our first 3 projects already and look to start within the next week!

New Toys! - 6.5 ft discs and Ferguson 14" 2 bottom plow

It's been WAY too long since my last post, but it's been a busy summer! We're prepping for the vineyard next spring and picked up a few new tools to get the job done.

Not everyone says you need to plow and disc a field before planting grapes, but in my situation, I think it was a wise decision. The ground has been cattle fields for over 100 years and is solid as a rock. It needed ripped up if just to aid in the initial planting and getting the PHD started!

Plans are to set the posts in the next 2-3 weeks to reduce time required for planting of the crops in the spring. We will have all of the other necessities ready with the vineyard order, such at bamboo poles, grow tubes, cordons (the 12.5ga and 9ga lines the vines grow on), stretchers, anchors, etc.

So here is my new (very used) Ferguson 14" 2 bottom plow, TADA!

The front disc needs a slight adjustment as it is rubbing against the plow, but that's just a couple minutes. It's very solid and in really good condition other than some surface rust. Everything spins freely and does a great job plowing behind my little 25hp Jinma. I was told it wouldn't handle a 2-bottom being as small as it is, but it worked great!

Now, here's my new set of 6.5' discs! WOOHOO! (bought new from Rural King)

I had these set at a pretty large angle to cut as best as could be done into the large, heavy pieces turned over by the plow. It did an excellent job, and in some areas turned the ground almost into a fine powder. I think I ran over some of the parts a few too many times, but this was my first go at it, so I figure I'll get better in the future. I'll try to see if I can get my lovely bride to take some video in the field, but it may be next year before I disc again. If you're interested, let me know and I'll make an effort to do that, maybe even run over our small garden a few times just to see how it does this fall.