Monday, June 22, 2009

Rotary Mower - Rural King, Tractor Supply, Northern Tool

I have been looking to purchase a 5' rotary mower / brush hog for a couple of years. I have looked into new, used, browsed Northern Tool, Tractor Supply, and many other suppliers and I'm somewhat confused at the price differences. I know there is a difference in quality and thickness of the decks on some, but I'm not sure that the differences are as substantial as what I've found. Here are a couple of prices I found lately.

Tractor Supply : 5' Country Line Rotary Cutter: $899.99
Norther Tool : 5' cutter - multiple models from $859.99 - 1629.99
Rural King : 5' Rotary Cutter $679.99

Ok, so for a piece I expect to abuse, and know will probably not last, without extensive fixes, where would be the justification in spending between $220-$950 MORE that the cost of the one at Rural King? I currently have a 6' finish mower that is sold by Rural King. It is a Land Pride brand. Their rotary cutter looks to be the same brand. I know TSC and NT are reputable names, but is purchasing from a reputable name REALLY that important when you already know the quality of the product you plan to purchase?
I am strongly leaning toward the RK model. I guess we'll find out my decision in a future post.

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