Thursday, June 25, 2009

Agrifab Tow Behind Tiller

I bought a new AgriFab tow behind tiller for my Cub in August of 2006. I have used it to till my gardens, both crops and flowers, and till my yard where I had a large row of trees that got cut down before I seeded. It is amazing. It pulls up roots, finds large stones, and is easy to operate. It starts up easily every time now for 3 seasons. Runs a little loud, but I wear ear muffs even when I'm mowing, so I just wear them when tilling also. I purchased mine from Tractor Supply on sale for $869, which worked out pretty well.
The choke is simple and helps ease the startup. The tiller starts from the small handle on the front, and it is lowered, and can be lowered while in the seat, by the large handle. It pushes the tractor pretty well, so make sure you have a decently heavy tractor. I also remove the deck from my cub so it doesn't hang up on piled dirt or stones when tilling. The pin hitch gets a workout, and a thin metal plate would get bored out by the jarring this thing can punish you with, so make sure your connection point is very solid.
This is an excellent tool for everything we have used it for. If you don't have a 3pt tractor and need something to speed up tilling, this is the thing to get. I can till 8" deep into an area about 40'x75' in about 30 minutes.

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