Monday, June 15, 2009

Searching for a new/used tractor

I bought this tractor used in 2006. It had 75 hours on it and was in excellent condition. It included a Koyker 6' front end loader (FEL) and a 6' finish mower from Land Pride. Here's what happened in my decision to make this purchase.
I was looking for something that had enough power to pull a 5-6" finish mower, had a FEL, 3pt takeoffs on the rear, and was 4x4. The requirements were kind of stiff, but I have a very hilly, rough, and regularly wet piece of property. We have 2 natural springs, which make some of the hills a bit toucher to get around with only 2wd. New tractors were EXPENSIVE. I didn't have the $14k-25k needed to purchase a new tractor. I looked into John Deere, Kubota, Ford, Cub Cadet, Massey Ferguson, trust me, I looked into all of them. I couldn't afford a new one. My next search: Used tractors.
I searched through multiple websites,,,,, etc. I even went out and grabbed the trader papers at the local newstand. Everything I found was either hundreds if not thougsands of hours into it's life, or just pure junk. I was not finding anything I could use.
One day when driving home from the lake, I saw a red tractor, FEL, and finish mower attached, sitting on the side of the road. It was everything I was looking for, but the price was still a bit high for my budget. I called the number on the paper attached (nobody was home when I stopped) once I got home. We discussed what exactly it was, and talked about how much they wanted. They weren't really willing to budge on the price, so I told them to keep my number in case they changed their mind. A month later, I passed by again, and it was still sitting there. Price had been lowered, but not considerably. I called again, and asked if they had much interest. I was speaking to the lady of the house, not the man who bought it. I found it it had only been used to mow a 2-acre square lot, and pulled a couple trees away that had been cut to clear a field. That was very light work in my mind. She was frustrated he had paid so much for a tractor they didn't really need. After about 45 minutes, I had talked the price down about 30%, and I was in my price range! I made the deal, and showed up later that day with the money!
If anyone ever needs help in price negotiations, I'm always available. My prices are pretty low considering what I can save you. :)

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