Monday, June 15, 2009

Jinma 254 (Tractor King) 4x4 tractor - Big Red

So, I have now purchased a new (used) tractor. Did I mention what it was? Sorry about that. It is a Tractor King 254. This is a Chinese tractor, sold by Rural King, and made by Jinma. I know, I purchased a chinese tractor. Call me un-American, but I gave my money to another American, who no longer needed it, so I think I was helping out. If it wasn't me, it would have been someone else.
Ok, now some details on the Jinma 254. It is a 25hp diesel 4x4 with all of the basics and none of the frills. No live-PTO, no shuttleshift or hydrostatic drive. It even has a solid mounted seat, no springs! It's the basics of a tractor.
What it DOES have is all of the power I need. I use the 6' mower almost weekly. In the future I plan to pick up a 5-6' brush hog, but for now it serves the purpose for what I need. The Koyker FEL is excellent. In the floods in our region in 2008, I was able to rebuild a 15'x12'x5' deep washed out culvert/bridge in about 1/2 a day with about 40 tons of stone. It was a life saver, and saved me about $2000 that day alone in what would have been contracted work.

While many would say I am missing a lot of the "finer" aspects of the newer and more advanced tractors, I would have to agree. What I am NOT missing though, is the payments! My tractor is paid for. Had I purchased a new tractor, I would most likely be financing it, and paying for it every money. I just don't have the funs to do that right now. New house, 3 beautiful children and another on the way, my money goes to living, not making everyone else rich right now.

Look for some write-ups on improvements I have done and may be working on in the future.

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